MAXSPLIT Pill Splitter and Cutter - with Pill Puncher - Cuts Small and Large Pills, Vitamins, Tablets, Sharp Stainless Steel Blade, Non-Slip Press Point

Maxpert Medical

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Product Overview

What do you call an expertly designed pill-splitter that delivers quality and function and includes an exclusive built-in pill puncher feature? We call it the MAXSPLIT Pill Splitter with Puncher, proudly crafted by Maxpert Medical. This patent-pending splitter is one of a kind.

Clever Pill Puncher Feature:
When you open the lid, you will notice a keyhole cutout suitable for oval or round pills. The integrated pill puncher feature is a simple, clever way to assist in pill removal from blister packs.

  • U-Shaped alignment assists with holding pill in place for splitting
  • Stainless-steel sharp blade requires only light pressure to split pills
  • Safe, BPA-free, Latex-free, FDA compliant materials
  • Durable, travel friendly, with storage compartment for split pills and tablets that need splitting