MAXGRIND Lite Pill Crusher and Grinder - Small Size Pill Crusher - Vitamins and Tablets Grinder - Pill Pulverizer - Medicine Grinder with Cup - Fine Powder Medicine

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Product Overview

The MAXGRIND's bottom clear cup can be used not only to collect medicine and supplement powder, but you can also add liquid to mix your medications with for even easier administration.
The clean-up is easy. When you're finished grinding, take off the bottom clear plastic cup and the cap to remove any pill residue from the crusher. Rinse with warm water and let it dry completely before each use to ensure proper grinding action.

Many people have difficulty or the inability to swallow pills. The medical term for this difficulty is Dysphagia. Some are truly challenged with this, and others have an aversion to swallowing pills.
There are many other reasons that medications can be difficult to swallow.

This can affect people of all ages, as well as pets and some large animals. When this occurs, and there are no liquid or other alternative medication forms, pills may need to be crushed into a powder and sprinkled into food such as applesauce or pudding or mixed into a liquid. Some may have feeding tubes, and medication must be ground into a fine powder to be delivered safely and effectively through their feeding tube. The easiest and most effective way to grind medicines is with a pill grinder or, as some may call it, a pill crusher.

  • Easy dual action crushing and grinding
  • Safe, high quality materials! Latex free, compliant food grade material that is very durable
  • Easy to grip ergonomic top and simple pepper grinder twist motion easily crushes pills
  • Crush from the top down directly into the bottom clear cup
  • Crushes and grinds all sizes and shapes of pills and multiples at once