Simplythick Easy Mix Gel Thickener- 1.6 Liter Bottle With Pump


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1- 2Liter Bottle & 1 pump


Thicken soups, sauces and puddings conveniently with this SimplyThick EasyMix bottle and pump. Can be used to achieve nectar, honey and pudding consistencies and is suitable in situations that demand flexibility. SimplyThick EasyMix instant food thickener comes in a bottle that holds 2 liters and has a pump. This formula can last two to three times longer, as it's more concentrated. Each stroke dispenses 6 grams of gel. It only takes one to four strokes to thicken a 4-ounce beverage and obtain a honey, nectar or pudding consistency. One serving of the instant food and beverage thickener contains 5 calories to supplement the pureed foods to provide energy. The gel is unflavored so that you enjoy the natural favors of food.

1 Box(s), 1 Food and Beverage Thickener per Box , 1 Total Count

  • EasyMix SimplyThick instant food thickener is ideal for all three consistencies: nectar, honey and pudding
  • Its bottle holds 2 liters to last two to three times longer than the previous version
  • Each stroke contains 6 grams of gel, suitable for most food and beverage applications
  • It's unflavored to match any type of food