Myco RELI Safety Blood Collection Kit, 21G x 3/4", 11.8" Tube Green, With Tube Holder, Sterile, 50/bx GSBCS21G-12T


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Product Overview

  • Reli® Safety Blood Collection Sets are OSHA compliant and are available either with or without pre-attached tube holders.
  • All Reli® products are manufactured to strict quality standards and contain unique features to improve user convenience, safety, and performance.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Blood flashback seen clearly through tubing.
  • Audible click when needle is in final lock position.
  • Siliconized short bevel needle for smooth insertion.
  • Flexible, color-coded wing for improved tactile feel and easy gauge identification.
  • Features single-handed safety shield activation for convenience and ease of use.
  • Activation of safety shield while needle remains in vein for reduced risk of accidental needle stick injury.
  • Computerized grinding and 100% visual camera inspection ensures sharp, consistent, quality needles.
  • RELI® Safety Blood Collection Set, With Tube Holder + Needle, Sterile, Blue Color, 21G x 3/4" Needle Size, 11.8" Tube Length, 50/bx.