Medical 2 Quart Sharps Container Needle Disposal, Dimensions - 8.5 H X 3.5 L X 2.5 W By Dynarex


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2 Quart Piercing and Tattoo Needle Sharps Container This sharps container is ideal for piercing and tattoo needle disposal. The container is composed of durable, puncture proof plastic and is designed with a securely locking lid to prevent any sharp objects escaping.Designed for one-time use and meeting all Medical biohazard waste regulations, this unit is a must have for any tattoo or piercing establishment. Features: Dimensions - 8.5 H x 3.5 L x 2.5 W Holds approximately 2 Quarts of Materials Puncture-Proof and Durable Construction Meets Medical Biohazard Waste Regulations