Halo Vent Seal, IFAK Chest Seal, 1 Vent Per Package

Halo Seal

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Product Overview

The Halo Chest Seal and Halo Chest Vent

Welcome to the forefront of advanced medical technology with the Halo Chest Seal and Halo Chest Vent. Engineered to meet the demands of the most challenging environments, our products redefine emergency wound care. Here's why:

Greater Surface Area for Enhanced Performance

The Halo Chest Seal boasts a design that covers a wider surface area, providing superior coverage for traumatic injuries. Its oval shape allows for effective placement, ensuring maximum coverage and protection.

Large Pull Tab for Easy Application

Equipped with a large pull tab, our seal allows for swift and effective placement, even in high-stress situations. This feature facilitates quick and efficient "wound burping," crucial for relieving tension pneumothorax.

Highly Effective Medical Grade Hydrogel

Crafted with a highly effective medical-grade hydrogel, the Halo Seal occlusive dressing adheres seamlessly in wet, bloody, sandy, or harsh environments. Its durability and adherence remain unparalleled, whether in high heat or freezing temperatures.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Our products excel across diverse climates, from freezing temperatures to high heat environments. Studies confirm the exceptional performance of the outer tape edge, ensuring reliability in extreme conditions.

Durable Packaging for Unmatched Protection

Our products come in durable packaging, impenetrable to water, air, and gases. Puncture and tear-resistant, our packaging ensures that the contents remain secure and ready for immediate use. The Halo chest seal and Halo Chest vent packaging can be folded to fit into a customer IFAK or first aid kit. Available in compact IFAK packaging or normal size packaging of 10.75".

Forgiving Design for Easy Handling

Designed to be forgiving when handling, the Halo Chest Seal conforms effortlessly to the contours of the body. Whether applied with gloved or bare hands, its user-friendly design ensures seamless application.

Experience the Halo Difference

With the Halo Chest Seal and Halo Chest Vent, you're equipped with the most advanced tools for emergency wound care. Discover the difference today and ensure optimal outcomes in critical situations.


  • Perfect fit in IFAKs. Non-occlusive seal with excellent adhesion with excessive blood or heavy perspiration.
  • Can be used to occlude a chest tube by folding in half twice,cutting a hole in the corner and sliding over chest tube.
  • Large pull tab for easy removal, and leaves no residue behind.
  • 1 vent seal per package-Durable Re-sealable protective packaging.
  • Tested and designed to perform under extreme conditions with temperature ranges below 32F to over 140F.

Contains one Halo Vented Chest Seal and sized to fit well in IFAK pouches. Tension pneumothorax is the second leading cause of preventable death in military environments, chest seals are designed to treat these injuries. The Halo Vented Chest Seals are easy to use and durable with a dependable adhesive. Halo Chest Seal instructions for use included printed on the package.



  • Contains 1 HALO Vents 4 vent positions assure that the vent will function and drain regardless of orientation
  • Retains effectiveness when folded or crushed
  • Latex-free 4-5 year shelf life
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • HALO Gel Highly effective medical grade hydrogel that allows HALO Vent to stick in wet, bloody, sandy or harsh environments.
  • Features scrim, a non-woven material that is added to the HALO hydrogel to keep the gel from migrating in high heat environments. Temperature range of -30° - 140° F. Outer Tape Edge Tape edge is more forgiving when handling with gloved or bare hands.
  • Studies show that the outer tape edge has a wider operating temperature range and performs extremely well in freezing and elevated temperatures. Size and Shape Covers a greater surface area, and aids in coverage of larger, unpredictable wound patterns.
  • Oval shape allows for greater adherence around the contours of the body. Large pull tab allows for effective placement and wound burping.
  • Packaging Durable packaging is impenetrable to water, air, gases, and is puncture and tear resistant. Material can be used as an additional occlusive barrier, by using tape to secure the barrier. The package contains tear notches at all 4 corners. Dimensions: 5.5" H x 6.5" W