Crushield Heavy Duty Pouch Pill Rolling Crusher System, with 50 Zip Pouches

Maxpert Medical

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Product Overview

  • Excellent crushing performance. fine powder and no clogged tubes. The stainless-steel roller, moved by an ergonomic, easy-press stainless-steel handle produces consistent pressure rolling over the heavy duty crusher pouch to easily crush and pulverize tablets.
  • Simple, single crushing and grinding process. Place the heavy duty pouch onto the pill crushing platform and roll. The extra pouch length will provide a grip and allow you to safely position the pouch.
  • No pounding. No stress on the hand or arm. The hoop shaped, spring loaded crusher handle is suitable for all hand sizes and strengths and allows various hand positions for user comfort.
  • High quality materials with an easy cleaning open design. Stainless steel crushing components and anodized aluminum construction are built to last and easy to clean. The bottom features non-slip silicone pads.
  • Crushield Pill Crusher Dimensions: 10-13/16”L x 4-1/4”W x 5-1/2”H


The crusher is paired with a wide, heavy duty multi-layer crusher pouch, creating a durable and highly effective pill crushing system. Features an open, easy-to-clean design, ergonomic hoop handle, and powerful crusher roller that safely and easily pulverizes medications into a fine powder.


This exclusive pouch has been designed for use with the Crushield Pill Crusher to achieve the safest and most optimal performance. The heavy duty, multi-layer construction helps prevent breakage which can result in lost medication and time. The zip seal closure helps prevent emission of powder during the crushing process and the tear top allows full access to crushed medication while helping to reduce medication loss when emptying the pouch.