Covidien 1238 Telfa Non-Adherent Pads Prepack, 8 X 3 (Pack Of 50)

Cardinal Health

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This cohesive bandage is easily torn without scissors, simply hand tear and wrap your wrists, fingers, ankle, back, knee and other body areas. This Wrap can also be used for pet wound wraps and Sports equipment such as baseball, racket handle, etc., to prevent sweat and sweat absorption.These elastic bandages are far better than the non-adhesive ones as they have self-adhering ability so that the tape doesn't loosen and fall off easily.No more worries about pricky pins! It’s perfect for playful children.The bandage is extra large and adheres to itself. It doesn’t adhere well to other surfaces such as hair or skin. Now no more struggles when pulling off bandages!!Our tapes are sterile and they have great medicinal value, which is good for swelling, sprain and general soreness.Most importantly, they have antibiotic property! You can also use the tapes as foam bandages for dressing wounds.The bandage is made from high quality porous fabric with bacon strips that is totally safe for your skin as it allows good ventilation.It is very light weighted, and safe for your pets as well.The durable elastic material allows the bandages to be applied to virtually any body part quickly and easily.This bandage fabric can easily be torn by hand, no shears or scissors required.